sometimes we don’t know what we’re waiting for, that’s the time to be first on the dance floor

there is something wonderful about the way we never run out of things to say.

our conversations take odd routes and strange diversions. that is us. odd and strange. what we have is working. i didn’t think that possible, but perhaps it is.

just maybe this is what we are meant to be. my brand of crazy of your brand stubbornly sane create a tasty cocktail.

i am too scared to trust that i could possibly hve picked the right man. you are too scared to relinquish the safety of your fecklessness.

and, yet, you make me happy. one single articulate & unlikely sentance can brighten my afternoon.

lying in your arms feels comfortable without all the fuss.

this halfway house might be all we can give each other. the unexpected thing is, it might just be all we need.


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