bend me,break me, as long as you want me,it’s alright

i have to stop myself being needy.

i can not afford to be just another crazy girl

because i need him in my life

i’ll be his friend

i’ll be his lover

i’ll be whatever he needs me to be.

how did i become so pathetic ?

i was the girl who takes no shit.

i was the girl who believed in who i was.

i was girl who knew exactly where she was going.

part of me is still here.

i will not tolerate anyone hurting those that i love

i will always be your corner,

fighting for your happiness.

when did i stop being on my own team ?

i yearn to be the girl i used to be.

but i can’t stop seeking the blood,

i’m adding new tactics to my game.


i don’t want to succeed.

i don’t know how to stop.


5 Responses to “bend me,break me, as long as you want me,it’s alright”

  1. You can become the woman you were. You can stop.

    Just believe …

  2. I used to feel this way too, that I wasn’t really worth being kind to myself. I learnt though that when I was kind to myself, it did feel so much better. It felt unnatural at first but I found when I did be kind to myself, that I met my husband. It was awesome meeting him and I’ve the kindest I’ve ever been to myself, since we’ve been together. I still have the thoughts. I still say I hate who I am blah blah but only to myself. I whisper these words on my blog sometimes but I think what I mean is I don’t like how I feel right then/now. It feels different. Sorry, I am babbling.

  3. You can be who you want to be. I know how hard it can be to stop self harming, but you deserve so much better than to hurt yourself.

    Take care,

  4. new tactics? please be careful.

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