help me if you can, i’m feeling down…….


i feel like i am uncovering things in therapy.

i keep surprising myself.

the things that really touch a nerve shock me

i keep crying at the unexpected.

i think i am making progress.

i still have a blockage between what i think

& how i feel.

we are trying to work on my compassionate voice.

i am finding it very difficult to hear it.

my natural instinct is to be harsh with myself.

so far, i can’t overcome this.

any personal experience of developing you compassionate mind would be most welcome.

i would love to hear from you.


One Response to “help me if you can, i’m feeling down…….”

  1. Compassion means “I’m-with-you-in-your-passion”, in the way of the cross up to the hill.

    I see compassion as the most valuable aspect of being bipolar, it seems to me be is a inseparable part of the condition, or at least, a common consequence.

    I don’t know exactly what it is, but whenever I interact with people with similar conditions there is no need for lengthy explanations, and there is a lot of peace flowing in the confidence of a mutual -silent- understanding.

    But is not understanding, I have not hope to understand nor overcome this big wreck between me and my feelings, compassion is just ‘be-there’. The simple act of ‘exists’, but ‘exists-with-you’.

    Maybe because loneliness is common among us too, we high value to this passive state, because it sooth our loneliness and certainly helps, maybe not comfort, but provides hope to the suffering.

    I’m lost, you’re lost, but at least, for a brief moment, we have the joy of not to be alone.

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