closer…let me whisper in your ear…

i haven’t written for weeks.

the thought of writing about what i am feeling is overwhelming and sickeningly familiar.

there is always another wave waiting to engulf me

i feel like i am in danger being dragged out to sea.

an important friendship is over.

i had hoped something could be salvaged from the wreckage,

but my optimism proved to be in vain.

i know that i have to accept this

i must set the negative emotions adrift


hold tight to the lessons i have learned

it’s going to take time.

i’m not confident i have the energy to tread water for very long.

clichéd thought it is, my woes have come in a multiple of 3.


one problem would be just too easy to negotiate.


once again,

leaves me in very troubled water.

health is not good.

my latest hospitalisation has churned up new issues.

i am preparing for another round of unpleasant tests & procedures.

some which i have already weathered


am under no illusions about just how repellant they are.

my final issue is unresolved



out of my control.

i can’t even bear to consider the possible outcome.

i am floundering.


in the words of far superior writer ,


not waving,but drowning.


2 Responses to “closer…let me whisper in your ear…”

  1. I can relate to a lot of this. I have been let down and had to part with a very close friend, and I am finding the moods unbearable at the moment too. I have also been ill and having tests/procedures for over 2 years now. So I identify with some of your pain. Hold on in there

    • doyourememberthattime Says:

      i am sorry you can relate, but i am glad that my writing is reaching peopp0le. take care of yourself.xx

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