memories, in the corner of my mind….

i remember the first time i saw “the way we were”

 i was around 14 

 i watched it with my mum.

i  identified with katie so much,

she was so passionate,

she cared


she was willing to do something about it


 as the story unfolded, i fell in love with katie & hubble.

 i believed in them.

 it broke my heart when it dawned in me that they wouldn’t end up together

 i cried


 at the end i wailed, but they still love each other.




 i couldn’t get a grasp on that concept.

 my romantic ideals could not comprehend a situation where love wouldn’t be enough.


 i miss that naiveté.

 i miss being able to believe that love could change facts

 and people

 and everyday.


 it’s a lesson i wish i didn’t have to learn


 i’m all grown up now




 i’m still a katie girl

 i still know what i stand for

 i still i know what i want




sadly, that’s what prevents love from being enough.


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