let’s spend the night together …

so, i decided to treat myself
i got a fantastic deal for a fancy hotel
i wanted a little escape from my life
i was going to relax
make use of the pool
room service
be a lady of lesuire.

of course the fabulous hotel was in his city
i pretended that i wasn’t going to tell him i was there
that lasted for about
13 mins

good decision
bad decision
who knows ?
it felt so right.

as i walked the streets,
he was hiding around every corner
the whole city is a romantic memory
all those lovely fragments
were so much sweeter
in the anticipation of seeing him

i shaved
smokey,alluring make up
sexy lingerie
understated, but appealing dress
i was ready
the man

no one else gives me those butterflies
my knees were shaking in the lift
i actually felt a warmth spread over me
i saw him standing in the bar.

the man
hair a little greyer
new kooky shirt
shoes he sent a picture of before he bought
my man
waiting for me

we just fit
we slipped right back into
being us

wine flowing
conversation sparkling
knees meeting under the table
a little more touching than is really necessary
i knew
i couldn’t resist him

i thought he had moved on
believed my charm
had died
he still looked me
THAT way

it’s not just physical
we really talked
i’ve never enjoyed a man so much
felt so comfortable
been able to be so open

it wasn’t about trying to get back together
we both acknowledged that we can’t
that we regretted that fact
it didn’t dominate the conversation
it just was

of course
the sex was amazing
he knows
i want
he always delivers

i love the way he bites my lip hard
kisses me to tenderly
i love every inch of his body
from that little triangle of freckles near his shoulder
right down to his crazy long toes

i like knowing that i can stroke his chin
whilst he sleeps
i don’t mind his varied snores
it’s good not to worry about him
hearing me pee !

i can wake him at 4am
i want some more
wonderful cock

we can talk
we can fuck
we can laugh
we can just be

but we can’t be together.


4 Responses to “let’s spend the night together …”

  1. Tragic love. Hauntingly poetic.

    Raw. You’re so real.

    • doyourememberthattime Says:

      i am glad that you connect with my writing. thank you so much for always reading.xx

  2. alwaysthatgirll Says:

    this was amazing, i could feel your emotion with every word i read.

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