girl, put your records on….

i’ve met someone
i supose i shouldn’t be surprised
i signed up to a dating site with the intention of meeting someone
i just didn’t really think it would happen.

and, who knows
maybe it hasn’t really happened
it’s early days
it’s good

he’s smart & funny & strange
all the good stuff

i’m enjoying spending time with him
in and out of bed
yeah, i’ve been wearing my slutty pants
we’re having fun

i don’t know what i feel yet,
i think there may have been a shift
i’m starting to consider another life
i have no idea if i can actually live
this alternate life
it is becoming a possiblity
that seems significant.

in summation,
i’m seeing someone
it’s fun
one other thing

i haven’t cut in 18 days


6 Responses to “girl, put your records on….”

  1. jenna Says:

    You go ahead, let your hair down!
    and oh
    AWESOME. 🙂

  2. Dawny Says:

    Yesssss and yessssss


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