i can see clearly now the rain has gone ….

i’m till the seeing the new man
i like it

alan, his name is alan.
he’s an evolutionary biologist
from yorkshire.
so, when he’s explaining some complex geeky science
he does it in a gone t’pub kind of accent.

he likes pubs.
old man’s pubs with big wooden bars
cosy corners to sit in.
he drinks weird sounding ales
whiskey when  he wants to turn me on.

he has long sideburns
that i would have thought i’d hate
but i like them
sometimes, i stroke them when he sleeps
let’s keep that between us.

he comes over on a friday after a pint with colleagues
i like the look on his face when i open the front door.
 the way he takes time to tell me about his day
and ask about mine
before suggesting that we go to bed.

he’s not remotely shy about his body.
he’ll happily fetch me a glass of water naked
even though you can see in my living room from the street
if you’re really looking.

i like that we do things together
sometimes my things
sometimes his things
sometimes new things.

and after all of those things
he comes home with me
we spend as much time talking
as fucking
 he’s good at both.

in short,
i like it
i like dating
i like alan.


3 Responses to “i can see clearly now the rain has gone ….”

  1. I like the sound of alan. I wish you all the happiness in the world x

  2. Dawny Says:

    Sounding good xxx

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