adventures in dating, part 1

i’m 32, i’m single & childless.
i am not thrilled with these fact.
which leads me to every single girl’s saviour,
internet dating.

you have to be willing to invest some time.
you have to have a thick skin & be unafraid to block.
a good bullshit detector is required.
men lie.
a few extra pounds always means obese
5ft 10 often equates to somewhere under 5’5
men will message you for the sole purpose of telling what they don’t like about you.
some will drop you a line to request a picture of your tits, i wonder how often that works ?
you have to plough through the thousands of medicore, looking for some to watch a movie & share some wine with profiles.
patience & perservence are essential, but, if you hang in there, if you retain your sense humour and maintain you self esteem,
you might just find a sweet, intelligent, slightly odd man.
or two…….


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