i guess it’s too early, ’cause i don’t know where i stand….

i have a talent for picking complicated men.
i like men whose stories have a twist.
odd works for me.
so, when i was faced with choice of  a sweet, accomodating, reliable, available man
a mysterious, unreadable, but passionate man
i obviously opted for the latter.

we’d been talking for months before he asked me out.
the feeling in stomach when he did told me that there could be something between us
our first date was nerve wrecking.
the conversation flowed easily enough once we got over his intial shyness
i was enoying his company, he seemed in no hurry to leave.
but i couldn’t read him at all.
was it just a friendly evening or something more ?

i got my answer almost as soon as we left the bar,
he kissed me in a phone box
which, i found strangely romantic.
this sponateous kissing in the street has become a feature
i like it

it’s been a couple of months
i still haven’t worked out exactly what’s going on.
we speak everyday
when we’re together he’s affectionate & interested
he never vocalises how he feels.
sometimes for no discerneable reason, he’ll suddenly feel distant.

he’s very set in his ways.
he has lots of strange habits that are very ingrained.
i find them partly endearing
& at times , frustrating.
he likes me to go his house
he likes to plan our dates
i suppose he likes to be control

this could be a problem

i would like a little more control
i wold like to feel a bit more secure in his feelings for me
it’s early days
i don’t know what’s going to happen
i do know that i really like him


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