there is no such thing in life as normal…

i don’t feel good today
everything is too close to the surface
i am fragile

I think, perhaps, I’m not really here
nothing feels real

that’s too real
too deep
too much

I’d run away if I had anywhere to run to
It’s me I want to hide from

I want to climb out of my skin
my head

i need a little holiday from my life
an opportunity to be calm.
no guilt or pain.
Oh, what I’d give to just be normal

all those years that my body worked exactly as it should
my head behaved itself
i didn’t know i should be reveling in it
i didn’t know how fucking remarkable that was

i wish i could remember how that felt.

6 Responses to “there is no such thing in life as normal…”

  1. Oh, so true. Very well put.

  2. I know this feeling too. Was I once a carefree, giggling two-year-old? Before he walked into my mother’s life.

  3. jenna Says:

    ❤ prayed for you in church today. and of course, always thinking of you!! god, i wish we lived closer!!

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