i keep bleeding….

one more cut
i need it

i’m drowning.
in desire
i feel it fizzing in my stomach
i am overwhelmed by the complusion to bleed
to drift away on that peaceful tide.

i long to tear myself apart

i have an obligation
to administer the punishment i deserve
i must bleed

2 Responses to “i keep bleeding….”

  1. Yo. For a second, I got scared cuz I thought I was on my blog! Same theme and all. Anyways. Time to check out the rest.
    Your poem makes sense.

  2. No, you do not deserve this! I am sorry you are feeling this way. I know how difficult it is to stop once you have started. I hope you will find the courage within you to be kind to yourself…to give yourself another chance. You are already on the path to healing.

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