and now i’m opened for suggestions….

over the last few weeks i seem to have gained a new bunch of readers. i have also been having a look at the search terms that brought people here, which has led to me wonder if there is anything my readers would like to me write about ?
i’m open to suggestions.
email or comment & i will try my best to address the questions/issues on your minds.


4 Responses to “and now i’m opened for suggestions….”

  1. For me, I just like to hear how people are doing. Tell us when something good happens; tell us when you’re not feeling so well. Tell us if something impacts you a certain way. Share articles that you’ve read and how they affected you.

    …that’s just me.

  2. jenna Says:

    you have quite a wicked sense of humor, it might be fun to see your take on some pop culture stuff. 🙂

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