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you bleed just to know you’re alive…

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self-harm is my abiding companion
it’s that nagging feeling that you’ve forgotten something vital
for me, that sensation is perpetual.

no setback is too small to trigger my blood lust
every emotion brings with it an attendant need to scar my body.

i miss my skin’s various & simultaneous stages of distress
gaping, fresh, untreated wounds
tidy blue stitches
thick scabs, ripe for picking
hot swollen masses of infected cuts.

i yearn for the pain
the itch

i dream of blood
flashbacks are dripping in it
inside my head is a swimming throng of red need.

the desire is pounding in my chest
each beat screams

not obeying is perverse
wielding a blade would silence everything
as my blood cooled
calm would rule.


i keep bleeding….

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one more cut
i need it

i’m drowning.
in desire
i feel it fizzing in my stomach
i am overwhelmed by the complusion to bleed
to drift away on that peaceful tide.

i long to tear myself apart

i have an obligation
to administer the punishment i deserve
i must bleed

do you think you’re crazy ………

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 hair needs washed.


wash it now


or wait until morning ?




bath ?

why does it matter ?

 wash damn hair


or i could just cut.


then i would feel calmer




i could make the hair decision.




no cutting.


i am not supposed to lose any blood.


i have no energy to go to a&e.


i’m already in pain


i’m exhausted


just wash my hair


legs are stubbly


shave me legs


shower, then.


then i’d have to blow dry hair before bed.


wait until morning

stop stressing


hate being in a rush in the mornings


i have a lot on tomorrow

i have time for a shower

i can handle having a fucking shower


why can’t my hair just wash itself ?




it’s been days


then i could get things done


it would take the edge off




it will take such a long time


make such a mess


i might be sick again

calm down


take a sleeping pill


go to bed


deal with the hair in the morning.


i feel grubby


don’t want to go to bed dirty


a hot bath would feel good.


cutting would feel better.


it would stop everything for a little while.


a little while would be enough


a small cut would been enough


it’s never enough.

my fever burns me deeper than you’ll ever know

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it is ok to feel my emotions.
i’m told.
learn to deal with the feelings as they come.
they’re just feelings.
they can’t hurt me.

except, i don’t know what that means

and they do hurt me.

do normal people feel what i feel and cope ?
or do i experience something different.
it doesn’t seem possible to just sith with these emotions and still be ok.

how do i tell myself i am ok ?
i feel like i am drowning.
when the sandness is so overwhelming that my life is meaningless.
all i can see are days and weeks of sinking further under the tide.

i can stay awake all night
tortured by a sadness tthat is bigger than me


i can reach for that shiny blade
and rip it out
let my tears run red.

i want to understand these healthy coping mechanisms
but all i know is blood.

uncomfortably numb

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somethings are so big, so awful, so terrifying that the only way to cope is to shut down my mind.

i’m numb.

people ask if i am ok & i tell that i am.

they ask if they can help & i tell them i can manage.

i do what needs to be done.

i make the calls.

i mediate.

i purchase required items.

i smile.

i say everything will be ok.

i wrap my arms around & hold as tight as i can

i say i love you

and i mean it.

i’d do anything to make it better.

i can’t bare to witness the pain.

i’ve switched off.

every part of my mind that is not immediatly required is on standby.

i can conquer this crisis.

i can apply my war paint.

and when i double bolt my door,

i can crumble.

i can stunt my emotions with





i can slice into my beleagured flesh.

i can watch my blood drain away the panic.


one more pill

one  more cut

pass out


do it all again tomorrow.

i, still….

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still here, still fucked.
still hacking away at myself.
still hiding in sleep.
still watching sad movies & reading sad books because it’s easier to cry about someone else.
still craving the blood.
still loving the sensation of it trickling down my arm, dripping off my fingers. still in awe of the pool it creates on the floor.
still nothing to equal the wet, slippy, warmth of it.
still no release like watching the red spring from my pale skin, following it’s bright path on my flesh, tracing it’s way to my finger tips.
still need that sharp heat as the scalpel slices my skin, the pain as i scrub the blood from my body.
still feel the fear everytime i cut a little deeper & the satisfatcion that follows.
i still live in a world marked with my blood.
bloody puddles in the carpets, red resovoir in the sink.
still blood on every door handle, every light switch.
my crimson hand print still visible on the bathrrom wall.
still indulging in the ritual,stockpiling the blades, washing the blood soaked towels.
still searching for something sharper.pushing for something deeper.
still, desperate for more blood.

still here, still fucked.