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give me hope, help me cope with this heavy load….

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i thought i’d know how to do this,
i don’t.

grief is not a stranger
not an unfamiliar concept

it turns out
learn this

i feel lost.
i wasn’t ready for this
how can you ever be ready ?

i’m scared i am getting it wrong
i know that doesn’t make sense,
when did that ever stop me

i need it to be the way
would want it

our relationship was so uncomplicated
it never become muddled

i was always the same person to him
he was always what i needed him to be


he was a connection to
a life that is almost gone

i can’t articulate
who he was
how i will miss him

practise does not make perfect
i do not know how to do this

for granda

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there wasn’t anyway for me to prepare for you leaving ,
but, i pray we got it right.
i hope that you felt our love surrounding you in your final days
& that you continue be warmed by it now.

mostly i want to thank you,
for always being exactly what we needed.
from the spark you brought to my childhood holidays
to the tales of your wartime escapdes
you always had a very special kind of magic.

i know you are with gran now
that you are at peace
& hopefully they got your tea the way you like it.
i want you to be certain of the huge impact you made on my life,
rest easy, granda
you got it so right.

you will always be with me
i will continue to strive to make you proud
of course, i will never forget your wisest words…

up here for thinking
down there for dancing

i love you.

poem for allan

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Solid stone is just sand and water,
And a million years gone by.
Daily minutes are just special moments,
In the blink of an eye.
Precious souls
aren’t lost forever
with memories  & love
we can sustain each other.
Dark days are hard to suffer,
When  no one offers a why
Solid stone is just sand and water
And a million years gone by.