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let’s talk about sex….

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i’m horny.
actually, I’m horny almost all of time.
i know part of depression is supposed to be a loss of libido,
but this has never been the case for me.

sex is a drug
an invigorating
powerful drug.

when I’m fucking I’m not worrying
i’m not terrified
i am completely in the moment.
focused on mmine & my partner’s bodies
how good we can make each other feel.

sex is the only thing that switches my brain off.

sex for me, offers the same release as self-harm
in a positive, non-damaging way.
sex makes me feel good.
the more physical the better.
i like it rough
i am totally up for some kink
in an ideal world I would be getting it on more than once a day.

i’m always safe.
i don’t sleep with strangers.
i have some ex’s i’m on good terms with who step in when I am unattached.
i need some sort of connection with a person to enjoy being dirty with them
i have to like them
i want to lie in bed afterwards & have a gab.

this year in particular
i have realised how therapeutic sex can be.

i have an almost insatiable appetite for cock
(& lately pussy too)
woman are constantly told they ought not to behave this way
i am sure many folk would call me slut
i don’t care

there are very few things in life that make me feel content & in control
i refuse to feel guilty for indulging in an activity that does.

all you can do is keep breathing….

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i’m trying.
i’m trying so very hard.
i’m trying to start anew
i’m trying not to be sad

i want so much to be someone else
everyone thinks i am doing so well
i can act the part
i put on a great show
i’m still sitting here unable to stop crying at 4 in the morning.

i feel empty

i’m trying to build something new
i don’t think i have enough pieces.

every single thing i can’t live without

i want my baby
my niece
the person i was before i was irrevocably damaged.

i want to be happy
to be someone that a person could love without being hurt.

i wish i wasn’t this dark hole
i can’t shine a light bright enough.

i’m trying so hard
it’s never enough.

more than this….

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i have a growing sense of emptiness
i can feel the warmth of life leaking out
becoming a husk
dry & lacking in colour

my vibrancy has been replaced with sadness
it swells in my chest
and vibrates throughout
a powerful melancholy
that has swept away my joy

drip by drip
passions slide away
my grasp is too slow
my reach too short
to catch my dearest drops
even clutching so so tight

the flurry of loss will end
the sadness will harden
and i’ll be empty

i wish it could be blue again …..

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i feel grey again


it’s not the most severe level of depression


but it’s the most dispiriting.



i see no point in anything.


i’d happily stay in bed




i’d miserably stay in bed.


i’m not speaking of a luxurious lie in


it’s a bleak,




unwillingness to tackle life.



i’m scared to leave the house.


someone pressing my door bell sent me into panic.


if i drop something


i cry.



there is no joy.


i dread the things i used to take pleasure in


food is tasteless


music makes me sob



i see no end


no relief.



washing my hair is an achievement


the sun outside an annoyance


i’d like someone to help


but there isn’t anything anyone can do.



my head is seeped in grey.




i don’t want to die


i just don’t want to live this life.

i hurt myself today

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today i sat on my sofa

i calmly spread a towel across my knees

& rested my left arm upon it.

i removed the used,stained blade and slid on its fresh, sterile replacement.

i studied my arm,

selected my spot

just above the crook of my arm

i paused for a moment.

and, then, i made my first cut

no hysteria, no fuss.

just a calculated slice.

stamping my place,

red marks the spot

i continued to cut

slice after slice

until the wound began to gape.

i stopped,

lay down my scalpel

& lit a cigarette.

i smoked as i watched my blood flow down my arm.

and, then, i recommenced.


wound opened wider

yellow globules of fat appeared.

again, i paused,

lit a cigarette,

and observed.

it continued.

i sat calmly on cutting & smoking.

releasing the thoughts i didn’t want to think,

allowing the sadness to soak into that bloodied towel.

today i sat on my sofa.