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blood on the rise, it’s following me….

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i cut.
265 days. Void.

in the end there wasn’t any particular trigger
i had bad day
no worse than the few that went before it
a flip just switched
i started to feel like I could
like I should
that was that

i had been so scared of forgetting how
i thought I might get rusty without the continuous practise
i needn’t have worried
it had never been easier.

I intended to take my time,
make a small cut
dip my blade in
the blood flooded my senses
i was in deep before I was even properly aware of it

it felt good.

the blood under my fingernails
the little globs of yellow fat on my hands
the pulsing blue network
the pain
the calm

i expected to feel worse
i’m a little ashamed
i don’t want people to know
if this could be my secret
i’d happily dive back into the self-destructive depths.

memories seep from my veins….

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when i think about slicing into an arlready open wound,

i feel slighty sick.

my stomach  flutters horribly.

and yet,

when i do it,

i am calm.

watching the skin split wider,

my blade tear through another layer,

i am merely fascinated.

the deeper the shade of my blood,

the deeper the wound,

the more satisfied i become.

i can see the blue nestling in the corner of my current effort,

a vein presenting it self to me.

should i venture on ?

i don’t know how significant the vein  is.

i can’t tell for sure how much further down lies.

the body can be deceptive.

i know i would like the blood.

the fast, pulsing, unstoppable flow.

but i can’t calculate the consequences.

can i move fast enough, if action is required ,

or will i be mesmerized by rush of pure red relief ?

i know even as i contemplate it,

that cutting further is selfish.

it’s stupid.


i want to cleanse myself of these feelings.

i’m delaying making the decision.

i’m writing this


watching the blood.

the urge is getting stronger.

i can’t let myself off easily.

this is what i need.

this is who i am.

stuck in moment

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i’m drowning

it’s been a very difficult week.

i know anyone would have found it challenging,

but they’d have coped.


i pretend to manage

i ploughed through

i acted brave and in control

it’s all fake


what lies beneath ?


five hours of cutting myself up

              feeling the blood pour

                            watching skin slice  & the gape begin

                                                         opening skin,to flesh, ,to muscle

spraying blood on the bathroom wall


i could have stopped at anytime.

there were times when i felt it might be enough,

but i would not allow it to be.

the abuse started in my in my head

i purposely tore myself apart





i left a trail of blood and shame from reception to my a&e cubicle

i was treated with respect by everyone

barr myself.

i left with 18 stitches and  a strong desire to punish myself.


now i am left with the GUILT

i have let everyone down

that the are unaware of my betrayal is irrelevant

people need me to be strong

they are relying on me to function

i am pathetic


bend me,break me, as long as you want me,it’s alright

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i have to stop myself being needy.

i can not afford to be just another crazy girl

because i need him in my life

i’ll be his friend

i’ll be his lover

i’ll be whatever he needs me to be.

how did i become so pathetic ?

i was the girl who takes no shit.

i was the girl who believed in who i was.

i was girl who knew exactly where she was going.

part of me is still here.

i will not tolerate anyone hurting those that i love

i will always be your corner,

fighting for your happiness.

when did i stop being on my own team ?

i yearn to be the girl i used to be.

but i can’t stop seeking the blood,

i’m adding new tactics to my game.


i don’t want to succeed.

i don’t know how to stop.