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what’s your number ?

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another thought provoking therapy session.
I did the voicing thoughts
I am ashamed of thing.

whilst telling psychologist about
my last misadventure into self harm
he flinched.

he said the idea of blood spraying on my face was like a scene from a

this struck me as over dramatic
i said so.

he ventured that if he did a straw poll of the building
most people would be pretty horrified
very concerned.

which led to a discussion about my
perception of my self harm

this is often a problem.
i do not think my cutting is
as bad as others portray it to be

i have seen more severe self injury
much, much
i know that my own attempts at self destruction
are by no means

other people’s perception
frustrate me
i feel I am getting credit I do not deserve
(i know there is no merit in self harm, but my mind does not)
it pushes me to go further
it feels disrespectful to those who subject themselves to more serious abuse.

my idea of normal is corrupted
i know that
i cannot accept that my cutting warrants the concern it garners

my therapist & I talked about how I rated what I do to myself
he suggested we consider it on a scale of 1-100
i put myself around 30.
he did not agree with my assessment

his number uncovered a somewhat bizarre reaction
i was mostly embarrassed.
i have felt this way before
never verbalised it

I am left wondering why I feel this way
whether or not I can trust his opinion.

hey baby, can you bleed like me ? ……..

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i have a white screen


a flashing cursor




no words.



my mind is blank




thoughts of a red intervention.



i have 16 chalky aspirin




a tall, clear glass of water.



i intend to refresh my weary head




sprays & pulses of dark,dark blood.



i must bathe my fears




a warm crimson tide.



when my troubles are let


i shall swallow a pretty blue pill




drift into untroubled sleep.